OB Analysis is a software for measuring / simulating the instruments of the brass family.
The simulation part is already available.
For measurement, a measurement head is needed which is still in development.

What can I use it for?
The measurement is used to obtain accurate data on the instrument.
The same musician can change the accuracy, the attack, the volume of the same note.
Comparison between two instruments is difficult because it is not clear if the difference is due to the musician or the instrument.
Getting data without a musician is therefore an objective way to compare instruments among themselves.
Advances in acoustics even promise to go as far as to make a complete diagnosis of the instrument thanks to measurements.
Simulation allows manufacturers to facilitate instrument design.
This can reduce the number of prototypes considerably even if it does not replace the final test and approval of professional musician.
For the musicians, this allows realizing the effect that can produce a small change in the shape of the instrument.
If the cup of my mouthpiece is bigger? Does pulling the main slide makes all my notes lower in the same way? etc ...
It is also possible to use this part for "Lutherie sauvage" making (a sort of Instrument Hack like PVC instruments), to design new atypical instruments.
State of development
The measurement part is still in research and development, a first version should still be released soon (we hope in the year).
The measuring head is thought to be accessible, for use on a simple computer (via microphone jack and speaker) and especially to be precise enough for a "musical" use.
Help ? How to use the software ??? A user's manual will be written soon :)