OpenBrass is a nonprofit organization around the instrumental factory, mainly brass.
Several themes / topics are covered, traditional manufacturing, 3D printers, through the study of knowledge accumulated for decades to the latest research in acoustics. Everything helps explain all the steps to make mouthpieces models, quality instruments and whose plans (CAD) are placed in the public domain.

Musicians can bring their support by returns on the products offered, CAD engineers can help designing concepts of software, physicists / acousticians can help on software simulations, IT professionals by developing various codes, the web-platform, the implementation of algorithm found by the acousticians, etc ...
And if you do not feel at, but are interested, look at the doc, learn by yourself and do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We can guide you to learn and complete our documentation in order to fill the gaps.

You can contact us by mail : contact@openbrass.org